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Carroll’s Office Furniture offers full service delivery and installation to your Houston office. Our professional installers are trained in installing every type of office furniture on-time and within budget. No matter what product you choose for your office space, we will take care of the entire process from delivery to installation. You can even have your products delivered to a warehouse and our team will transport them to you.

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Why Use Our Professional Delivery and Installation Services?

When it comes to your office furniture, you want to make sure that it’s installed correctly to ensure its safety, longevity, and functionality. This is the kind of assurance you’ll have when you let our team of experienced installers do the work for you. You won’t need to worry about having the proper tools, trying to make sense of the instructions, or spending the time putting your desk together. Our customers can be assured that when they trust us to do the hard work, we will do it right and have it done on-time.

Give us a call at (713) 667-6668 or visit our office at 5615 S Rice Ave, Houston, TX 77081 to learn more about our delivery and installation services.

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