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Sound Management

Carroll’s Office Furniture can provide your workplace with a number of sound management solutions to assist you in achieving a more comfortable and productive workplace for your employees. Unlike a building’s static structures and elements that cannot adapt, sound management systems can vary from location to location as well as from time to time, to adapt to changing work environments. It is also one of the most cost-effective solutions for providing privacy. Common workplace applications for sound management include:

  • Cubicles and Call Centers – reduce distractions and increase productivity
  • Private offices – when speech privacy is desired
  • Patient rooms – enhance both patient comfort and privacy
  • Libraries – reduce distractions caused by the lack of background noise
  • Lobbies – prevent overheard conversations from adjacent work areas
  • Conference rooms – enhance privacy from group conversations
  • Open offices – reduce distractions from diverse and open work stations

How to Treat an Acoustic Environment

Modern offices are often aesthetically beautiful places, designed with exposed brick or stone, steel and glass, open ceilings, and wide-open views. Gone are the drab, neutral-colored walls dividing the space into inflexible, small corridors, and private offices.

However great these designs are, though, they often leave out acoustics. The result is a beautiful space that is unfortunately also very noisy, stressful and distracting.

With the right mix of tools and acoustic solutions, though, we help solve these noise issues and ensure a highly functional, high-ROI workspace for you!

There are three ways to treat the acoustics of any workspace: the ABCs of speech privacy.

Absorb sound waves with acoustic wall panels or dividers
Block noise with STC-rated panels, partitions, walls, etc.
Cover distracting conversational noise by adding a source of unstructured low-level background sound

Sound masking and acoustic panels can achieve all three.

Sound & Privacy

Several studies on workplace productivity prove that noise distractions are the biggest cause of lost productivity in open workplaces. Noise is now one of the most important factors to limit and control in any workspaces.

Let’s look at what recent studies have to say.

  • 75% of employees classified workplace acoustics as the worst aspect of the office environment.
  • Sound expert Julian Treasure noted a 66% drop in productivity in open offices.
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): Noise is the main contributor to workplace stress. A Cornell study supported this claim, saying that the unmanageability of sound makes it stressful.
  • Stress and constant decline in productivity eventually lead to employee disengagement. More than 70% of employees are reportedly disengaged.
  • When stress and disengagement pile up, 40% of workers leave to seek employment elsewhere.
  • Disengaged employees tend to have more errors and sick days.

If I know you’re talking, or can even hear you a bit, but can’t understand what you’re saying, then I am experiencing speech privacy (and so are you!). The reason speech privacy is important is twofold:

  • Privacy
  • Productivity

Speech privacy improves workplace productivity and employee engagement and wellness. Ensuring speech privacy in your workplace has high ROI benefits.

  • 51% decrease in conversational distractions
  • 48% improvement in employee focus improved
  • 10% improvement in the performance of standard “information-worker” tasks
  • 27% decline on stress in terms of the actual physical symptoms

The ABCs of speech privacy, powered by sound masking and acoustic panels can improve the acoustic environment of your workspace, with the resulting ROI benefits.

The good news is that privacy, comfort and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. You can achieve all three in your work environment and improve productivity at the same time!

Every workspace presents unique acoustic challenges, thus requiring a custom solution. Contact us today to learn more about the revolutionary VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System and EcoPrivacy Acoustic™ panels and the high ROI benefits they can provide your organization!

Introducing the VoiceArrest™Sound Masking System and EcoPrivacy Acoustic™ Panels

The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System helps achieve speech privacy for areas plagued by conversational distractions. This intelligent system adds a neutral and comfortable background sound to the spectrum to reduce or eliminate the impacts of speech distractions.

The exclusive, patented technology of VoiceArrest™ adapts to the varying levels of noise in your dynamic workspace – automatically adjusting the volume higher or lower depending on the current conversational activity and speech levels in the work environment.

The EcoPrivacy Acoustic™ panels absorb and block noise-while enhancing the interior design of your space.

You can choose from standard flat or textured panels, functional wall art in custom shapes and colors, or hanging panels or desk dividers with cutout shapes. The versatile designs, adaptability, and flexibility of these panels improve both the visual and acoustic design of any work environment.

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