Sound Management

cubicles set up in a houston office

Carroll’s Office Furniture can provide your workplace with a number of sound management solutions to assist you in achieving a more comfortable and productive workplace for your employees. Unlike a building’s static structures and elements that cannot adapt, sound management systems can vary from location to location as well as from time to time, to adapt to changing work environments. It is also one of the most cost-effective solutions for providing privacy. Common workplace applications for sound management include:

  • Cubicles and Call Centers – reduce distractions and increase productivity
  • Private offices – when speech privacy is desired
  • Patient rooms – enhance both patient comfort and privacy
  • Libraries – reduce distractions caused by the lack of background noise
  • Lobbies – prevent overheard conversations from adjacent work areas
  • Conference rooms – enhance privacy from group conversations
  • Open offices – reduce distractions from diverse and open work stations

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